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Why Choose Rural Wireless

 Finding good internet when you live in a Rural Area can be difficult and sometimes impossible. Rural Wireless was founded on the concept of providing fast reliable internet to rural people. We have installed brand new equipment on three towers surrounding the East corridor of Austin including Red Rock, Manor, and Johna.

Red Rock is now active and accepting new customers with Manor and Jonah coming soon. Our commitment to our clients is that we will never overload our networks with too many subscribers. This is why a lot of other internet services fail to deliver. Our goal is to provide the best experience possible to all of our clients.

Fill out our new subscriber form today! We will prequalify your address and have someone contact you within 48 hours.

When you need our help, we’re there for you. You’re never a number to us. You’re our neighbor standing in line with us at HEB, or the parent watching your children playing sports with ours. Know that we see you, we recognize you, we appreciate each and every one you, and want you to have the best possible experience using our services.

Professional Installation

We offer installation and system set up. Our certified installers have been trained on not only proper installation, but system set up and training, putting your internet needs in the palm of your hand within minutes.

Home Phone Line

Get the reliable home phone connection and unlimited local calling options you need, plus 11 popular calling features.  And if you need it you can get 2 phone lines!

No Data Limits

Did you know Rural Wireless has no data caps, which means you get unlimited data with your Internet plan? When we say this, we really mean that you will get unlimited data, all the time, all month long, at the speed/package for which you pay.

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